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undressed adj
1 of lumber or stone or hides; not finished or dressed; "undressed granite"; "undressed hides"
2 having removed clothing [syn: unappareled, unattired, unclad, ungarbed, ungarmented]

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  1. having partially or completed removed one's clothes
  2. (of a wall etc) of which the surface has not been dressed (prepared)

Verb form

  1. past tense and past participle of "to undress"

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Undressed is a television series on MTV that was first broadcast in 1999. It was an anthology series that followed the relationships (both sexual and romantic) of young people, often high schoolers, college students, and twenty somethings in the Los Angeles area. The series was controversial for its frank discussions about sex, including depictions of promiscuous behavior between teens, as well as gay and lesbian relationships. The show's Head Writers were Michael Grodner and Swith Bell, while Neil Landau served as the co-head writer.
Each season had several recurring characters with each episode focused on two or three specific characters with plotlines presented as interleaved vignettes. Undressed ran for 6 seasons, from Monday, 26 July, 1999 to Thursday, 5 September, 2002. The final season of the series was produced in Canada.
All six seasons, starting with season one, are being made available online for free viewing, at , since in April, 2008.

Notable cast members

  • Sarah Lancaster, who played Liz in Season 1, had roles in Scrubs and What About Brian, and is now playing Ellie Bartowski on the NBC show Chuck.
  • Sam Page, who portrayed Sam (the second male in a ménage à trois) in Season 3, was named one of People Magazine's Most Eligible Bachelors in 2002 and went on to have such roles as Jesse Parker on Point Pleasant and ADA Casey Woodland on Shark.
  • Teal Redmann, who played Abby in Season 3, went on to play Louise Grant on the Gilmore Girls TV series for over 30 episodes.


  1. July 1999 - September 1999
  2. February 2000 - March 2000
  3. July 2000 - August 2000
  4. January 2001 - March 2001
  5. July 2001 - September 2001
  6. June 2002 - September 2002

Award nominations

  • 2000 - GLAAD Media Award - Nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • 2001 - GLAAD Media Award - Nominated for Outstanding Drama Series
  • 2001 - FILMLOOK Award - Teen Choice for Late Night Series
  • 2002 - POP Award - Special Recognition for Original Series


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